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    The Center includes a library with a cultural content dedicated to Arabic calligraphy, Islamic decoration and written heritage. This library's content is put at the disposal of those who attended the training sessions of the Center, the teachers and all the persons interested in the Arabic calligraphy and Islamic decoration. It contains different compilations like "Hurûf ‘Arabiyya" magazines, and the "Encyclopedia of Arabic calligraphy and decoration".

    The general index of this library is registered in the Database published on the website of the Center with a developed computer application in order to enable visitors to make their own researches according to the themes, the authors or titles, etc. Visitors can also read and download the first edition of the Center's magazine "Fannu al-dhâd".

    On one other hand, the Center tries to improve and to enrich the cultural content of the library through collaborations with other cultural institutions hoping to put most important works at the disposal of those who are active in this field.

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