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    Inventory of Islamic inscriptions

    Inventory of Islamic inscriptions

    Tunisia is known for having of the richest Islamic inscriptions in the Arabic world. However, the fact of carrying out different researches within the framework of a doctoral thesis or academic researches, there is neither an exact number of inscriptions nor the updating of written works about Islamic inscriptions. In addition, some other ones are missing.

    A few years ago, the National Institute of Heritage has planned a project related to "The corpus of Islamic inscriptions in Tunisia". This project is affected to the National Center of calligraphy in 2014 as it is much related to the cultural interests of the Center. The project aims at making inventory works and classifying all the inscriptions under inventory numbers in all the museums and deposits. The inventory includes missing inscriptions, which were described previously in documents or portrayed in photos.

    A group of specialists is making the first preparation works for the project. Detailed lists of published inscriptions have already been realized. In addition to that, there will be a training session dedicated to cultural preservers of different institutions for the inventory works of Islamic inscriptions and the registration in the database, which will be published on the Center's website after the end of the inventory. At the end, the main objective of the inventory is to publish the inscriptions according to their locations or according to the historical period during which they were made. 


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